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Our grant-making decisions are based on project proposals with clear budgets, timelines and outcomes. Project proposals are reviewed during our Board meetings. We take into account the relevance of the project with respect to our objectives, our three areas of focus, and our geographical and thematic priorities.

The FAQs below will help applicants determine whether their project is eligible for a grant. Applicants should make sure that the answer to the first 4 questions is yes. Even so, this would not automatically qualify them to receive a grant from the Foundation

Does my project relate to one of the Trafigura Foundation's areas of focus?

Your project must fit under one of our two areas of focus: fair and sustainable employment or clean and safe supply chains.

In the field of Sustainable Livelihoods, we support programmes that are able to

  • Promoting access to dignified jobs for marginalised communities through training and placement activities.
  • Supporting social entrepreneurs in strengthening their business ventures so that they can become levers of development and create jobs in their communities.
  • Fostering innovative social enterprises that have the potential to tackle root causes of poverty in a sustainable manner.

In the field of Clean and Safe Supply Chains, we support programmes that are able to

  • Improve health and safety of populations impacted by logistics activities.
  • Tackle environmental issues caused by transportation or infrastructure at land and sea.
Is there a Trafigura or Trafigura-related business entity in the country where my project takes place?

The Foundation wishes to create as many opportunities as possible for Trafigura employees to interact with and contribute to its philanthropic endeavours. We are keen to generate interest in and awareness of the socio-economic issues affecting the communities they are part of, no matter where they are in the world. As a consequence, we tend to favour projects based in locations where the Trafigura Group is active.

For the full list of Trafigura’s global locations, please see:

Is the impact of my project tangible and concrete?

This is a key feature your project must have to be eligible for a grant from the Foundation. The outcome of your project must make a genuine and measurable difference to the communities and people concerned. We do not accept projects which do not meet this requirement, such as data-collection surveys, fundraising events, conferences or seminars, epidemiological studies, evaluation/assessment surveys, etc.

Are the outcomes of my project sustainable?

Sustainability and long-lasting effects of your project must be demonstrated. The Foundation believes that sustainability is essential and that it cannot be genuinely achieved if the post-assistance period is not envisioned from the outset and if beneficiaries do not take gain gradual autonomy during the project period. We are aware that this can be a far-reaching objective, and that time is often needed. When relevant, the Foundation may consider a multi-year partnership.

Would a grant from the foundation make a real difference to my funding structure?

The Foundation wishes to narrow down its support to small- to medium-sized NGOs or small projects within larger NGOs. The idea is that we would like our financial support to make a real difference to receiving structures. We are keen to avoid our grants being diluted amid a wide range of other donor contributions, with little significance in the overall project's funding structure.

If my project fits all of the foundation's criteria, will it systematically receive a grant?

No. Although the Foundation will not consider applications that do not match with our criteria, matching all our criteria is not a guarantee for success. There are naturally constraints and considerations to do with our internal objectives and priorities that will influence our final decision regarding a given application.




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