Rang De, India

Rang De reaches out to underprivileged communities in India through low-cost microcredit schemes that operate under a non-profit peer-to-peer lending platform. We have been supporting Rang De’s dedicated CSR Fund since 2012.

Created in 2006, Rang De is an innovative Internet-based venture connecting ‘social investors’ to a panel of selected micro-entrepreneurs from under-privileged rural communities. These social investors commit to lend an amount of their choice to the borrowers of their choice. This initiative is innovative, impactful and very practical in that it connects socially aware and resourceful Indians with communities at the other end of the social ladder.

It has been proven that even a small amount can make a big difference. After a given period of time, the loan is returned to the investors with a nominal financial return. At the end of Q3 2013, the repayment rate was stable at 94%.

So far, Rang De has supported over 27,000 women with affordable micro-credit.

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27,000+ beneficiaries
94% loans repaid

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