Pact, Myanmar

Pact delivered a comprehensive study of Myanmar's artisanal mining industry and piloted field-activities with gold miners.

Mercury pollution from mining has a devastating impact on local communities. However, artisanal mining is integral to Myanmar’s employment landscape, providing half a million jobs and producing more than USD 1 billion annually in gold, jade, ruby, tin and other minerals.

The research “Co-designing with artisanal miners in Myanmar”, conducted by Pact and funded by the Trafigura Foundation, delivered a study on the complex artisanal mineral industry in the Sagaing region.

It also implemented a pilot education programme to raise awareness about the risks to health and safety of mercury among artisanal miners and their families, especially women, children and teenagers.

Shared with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation of Myanmar, this research can greatly contribute to improve the conditions of small-scale mine workers promote healthier practices and services and propose mercury reduction prototypes.

Today under-regulated, artisanal and small-scale mining in Myanmar has the potential for transformation into a safer, formalised activity contributing to legitimate supply chains.

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