Lucerne Symphony Orchestra HORIZONTE, Switzerland

The LSO will give 12,500 vulnerable children and adults the chance to discover classical music through projects and workshops.

The Lucerne Symphonic Orchestra (LSO) is Switzerland's oldest orchestra and enjoys an international reputation. Funded by the Foundation since 2009, its HORIZONTE educational programme gives 3,500 vulnerable children and adults unprecedented access to classical music and musical education every season.

There's a wonderful spirit of collaboration and inclusivity in the projects and workshops. For example, disabled and non-disabled people have worked together on scenic approaches to music and children and senior citizens have learned about sound improvisations together.

In 2016, 62 musicians from Switzerland embarked on a tour of 8 concert halls in Asia. The tour led the Lucerne Symphonic Orchestra (LSO) to China India, and Singapore. They met with several philanthropic organisations endorsed by Trafigura’s Charity Committees, including the Cao Peng musical fund in Shanghai, which helps autistic children through musical training. The orchestra also met with MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) and, in Mumbai, LSO ran a workshop with 30 kids.

(photo credit: Charlescannon)

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