Initiative Développement, China

In 2008 we made a seven-year commitment to support Initiative Développement's programme to promote cheaper rural energies among the local communities, improve their income and living conditions, and protect the environment.

Since the inception of the programme in 2008, we have supported ID’s commitment to supply biogas to households living in two remote communities in Zhaotong district, in the northeast of China’s Yunnan province.

Biogas is a cheap and environmentally clean source of energy that is used instead of wood or coal for heating and cooking. It is made of animal or human manure, meaning that a family owning a few animals can produce their own biogas easily, provided that they are given the right equipment and training.

In 2011, ID won an Energy Globe Award for its work and was formally registered as an NGO, an important recognition at the provincial government level.

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Key figures


bio digesters constructed


trees planted

1,450 bio digesters constructed
150,000 trees planted

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