Haciendo Camino, Argentina

We partnered with Haciendo Camino for the first time in 2012 when the Trafigura Foundation agreed a three-year funding scheme to help programme operations in the districts of Anatuya, Monte Quernado and Santiago des Estero.

Sadly, poor nutrition is an all-too-common occurrence among children in rural Argentina. And the consequences are far reaching. It can affect their educational abilities and hold them back from fulfilling their potential.

The Trafigura Foundation teamed up with Haciendo Camino in October 2012, offering support over three years.

Just a few months later the project opened three Prevention of Child Malnutrition and Human Promotion Centers covering 13 rural areas. At the last count, more than 450 people had attended a session on nutrition, 460 children under the age of five had been monitored of which 31% (147 in total) were diagnosed undernourished. The organisation was then able to provide these children and their families with nutritional support and counseling.

Over the course of three years we are working towards helping 650 children under five and more than 500 mothers.

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children monitored in 2014

51 health care staff trained
1,200 children monitored in 2014

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