Georges Malaika Foundation, DRC

The George Malaika School provides a high quality free education, school supplies, uniforms, art and theatre classes, two healthy meals a day and physical activities to girls.

Georges Malaika School for Girls is seeking funds to continue its expansion by building 3 new classrooms. Located in Kalebuka village in Katanga Province, current enrolment for the school stands at 252 girls. The school has been incredibly active this past year. 

One change is that Malaika School is now powered by solar energy. Thanks to this innovation, the sustainability of the school reached a whole new level, as it no longer needs to depend on unreliable electricity or an expensive generator. This stable source of energy has allowed them to set up a computer room, giving the girls an opportunity to connect with the modern world. In March 2016, a library was inaugurated, which has books in French and English, in both print and digital format on tablets.

In addition, 2 more wells were drilled and at the community centre meaning that the school now has 7 wells that provide clean water to more than 14,000 people, directly reducing water-related illnesses.  At the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center, the school distributed 7,000 long-lasting insecticide-treated nets against Malaria to the Kalebuka village, along with workshops on prevention and awareness-raising activities.

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Key figures

252 girls

receive free education


new e-library


more wells drilled in 2016

252 girls receive free education
1 new e-library
2 more wells drilled in 2016

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