Doctors of the World, Greece

Doctors of the World is standing by all persons in need of protection and assistance.

Europe is currently facing the biggest wave of migration since the Second World War. Greece is the main gateway to Europe, both through its land border with Turkey in the North and, mainly, through the Greek-Turkish sea frontier in the Aegean. During 2015, almost one million refugees and migrants arrived in Greece, in their majority viewing Greece as their first stop and as a transit country towards their final destination to northern European states.

Doctors of the World Greece (DWG) has been caring for migrants and refugees since the early days of the conflict and has responded immediately to the needs of refugees and migrants arriving in Greece. DWG has, since the first moment, been present and active, offering its services to help ease this new humanitarian crisis, and continues to provide healthcare services and psychosocial support to Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) arriving in Greece.

The Trafigura Foundation is helping DWG in its mission providing primary healthcare services to refugees and migrants arriving at the port of Piraeus and staying at Schisto, an accommodation centre for asylum-seekers close to Athens. Doctors and medical staff work both at the Open Polyclinic in Piraeus city and on the Mobile Medical Unit to help people in need of international protection (refugees, asylum seekers, migrants) together with other needy social groups: the uninsured, unemployed and homeless; the elderly; Roma; people with disabilities; single parent and large families; and residents of deprived areas with limited access to social and medical infrastructures.


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