Care for Children

The organisation aims at developing a care for abandoned children in China that smooths the transition from institutional care to family-based care.

Child development specialists agree that orphanages – often overwhelmed, overworked and overburdened – are impeding children’s potentials, leaving them vulnerable. The current challenge is not a lack of will from policy actors but a lack of skills to make the transition from institutional care to family-based care.

Care for Children has partnered with the Chinese Government to move children from orphanages into local, loving families. They do so by re-training orphanage staff, empowering them to recruit and train suitable families and support the concerned children. This frees up resources and space in orphanages, allowing the latter to offer more services to vulnerable children in the community. Following 17 years’ experience in China, Care for Children has now chosen the most mature of its project sites (so-called “Five Cities”) to develop into regional training hubs. As these sites get equipped to train their surrounding regions, Care for Children ensures the sustainability of its approach and its exist strategy.

The objectives are to train 160 family placement workers in Nanning and Guangxi Zhuang region, and place 200 children with local families. The project got off to a great start in 2016, with several activities among which training workshops to help prepare the family placement workers.

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