Camarada, Switzerland

The Trafigura Foundation started its partnership with Camarada in 2009. The agreement was renewed in 2012 after the Foundation was able to evaluate how well the programme responds to the special needs of this particular migrant community in Geneva.

Geneva is known to be Switzerland’s multicultural capital. It is the home of the Trafigura Foundation and Trafigura operational headquarters. What also distinguishes Geneva is the high number of refugees and migrants who are trying to start a new life there, some of them fleeing conflict zones or a very dire economy in their own countries. It is often difficult for them to integrate into Swiss society, in particular for language reasons. Conscious of this and of the specific difficulty faced by migrant mothers whose time is taken up by caring for their young children, the Trafigura Foundation supports Camarada, a non-profit association which provides language and other training to migrant women.

When these women come to the Camarada centre their children are minded by professionals while they participate in French classes or sewing, cooking and screen-printing workshops. These newly-acquired skills allow them to gain confidence and a quicker insertion into Geneva’s cultural and professional life. In 2014, 900 new women joined the association, and close to 6,000 hours of French and literacy classes were given.

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women joined in 2014


hours of French and literacy classes

900 women joined in 2014
6,000 hours of French and literacy classes

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