ADIE Microfranchise Solidaire, France

ADIE, Association for the Right to Economic Initiative recognises that while some people have the drive to launch their own business, some lack the confidence and a business model. Their ‘Microfranchise Solidaire’ programme aims to address both these issues.

Since 1989, ADIE’s mission has been to support those who want to start their own businesses by applying proven market and operational concepts on a smaller scale. The organisation is taking this one step further by providing not only support and financial backing to current business ideas, but by providing the idea itself.

Many potential micro-entrepreneurs have the will, but lack the idea to develop a microenterprise. By developing ten to 12 ‘turnkey activities’, which can be proposed to those looking for ideas, hesitant micro-entrepreneurs can proceed with confidence and the usual ADIE support: coaching, tutoring and access to micro-capital. By developing their business within a network of co-franchised entrepreneurs, this route into microfinance requires low initial investment (less than €10,000) and simple, accessible business ideas.

In 2017, over 21,000 micro-entrepreneurs benefited from ADIE’s programme and ready-made business solutions that, with the support of a professional network, apply the concept of franchising to very small businesses. Gardening and maintenance service, “at home” IT support and training, and bicycle repairing services were the three “micro-franchise” concepts available for the programme’s entrepreneurs. ADIE also offers dedicated support including coaching, tutoring access to start-up capital and on-going support services.

(photo credit: Joseph Melin)


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