1001 Fontaines pour Demain, India

We have teamed up with 1001 Fontaines pour Demain to help identify four pilot communities in the State of West Bengal in India for their safe drinking water initiative.

Safe drinking water is something most of us take for granted. But in small rural communities in West Bengal it can be all too rare. 1001 Fontaines pour Demain is a French NGO that targets communities that are often overlooked by larger charities.

Its goal is about more than just giving communities access to safe drinking water; it's about underpinning this with an entrepreneurship model that allows villagers to sustain their drinking water supply over time.

The Trafigura Foundation has provided 24% of the NGO's total budget for a pilot stage in West Bengal. Four pilot sites have already been identified and each will now be set up, delivering safe drinking water to villagers for a price of around 0.50 Rupees (0.007 USD) per liter, along with an appropriate information campaign covering all hygiene principles.

The building of hydraulic structures began in August 2013. In November 2014, three out of four sites were operational.

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Key figures


litre of water costs 16 cents



1 litre of water costs 16 cents
3,200 beneficiaries

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