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Our mission

The Trafigura Foundation provides long-term funding and expertise to improve the socioeconomic conditions of vulnerable communities around the world. We join forces with experienced organisations to achieve long-lasting impact with programmes tailored to local realities. 

We support non-governmental organisations and social enterprises in the development of programmes in the fields of Sustainable Livelihoods and Clean and Safe Supply Chains. Another essential part of the Foundation’s mission is to help Trafigura employees organise and fund community-oriented activities.

Key figures

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Our modus operandi

We help to achieve positive socioeconomic change for vulnerable and marginalised communities. Our role is to provide financial resources, managerial support and guidance to organisations who are already doing a great job in running inspiring and impactful programmes and who need an extra boost.

We fund projects on a multi-year basis to maximise their potential for sustainability and success. In this way, we truly accompany our partners and can measure success and impact on a regular basis, including visits to the field. We support projects that encourage communities to take responsibility for their own future and help them reach their full potential.

Our strategy

Until 2016, we sponsored programmes in the field of Sustainable Development, Education & Integration, and Health. In 2017, we committed our philanthropic endeavours to the fields of Sustainable Livelihoods and Clean and Safe Supply Chains. Through to this strategic turn, we aim to achieve a greater impact by leveraging our founder’s geographical knowledge and technical expertise in the field of trade and logistics, as well as to support programmes that contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable job market.

Another important part of our mission has always been to encourage Trafigura Group's employees to choose philanthropic projects close to their offices and provide them with the financial resources and expertise they need to start local staff engagement initiatives

Our focus areas

Our impact in 2021

Our impact is made possible by the work implemented by our partners around the world. Their accomplishments are aggregated under the prism of our Strategic Performance Indicators (reported in the infographic below) that help us to better understand and monitor the impact of our work in the communities we support.

How to apply
How to apply

How to apply

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