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Providing community care support to vulnerable populations in India

During spring 2021, India was affected by a devastating second wave of COVID-19. The Trafigura Foundation partnered with Swasti, a non-profit organisation providing community care support to vulnerable population living in urban slums and rural areas.

To break the chain of COVID-19 transmission, Swasti joined a coalition of over 300 members known as COVID Action Collab to provide relief, recovery and build resilience among the most underprivileged during the pandemic.

Our partnership enabled Swasti to:

  • provide Community COVID care kits (including pulse oximeters; glucometers; haemoglobin meters; inhalers; oxygen concentrators; PPE kits and other essential items) to community centres attended by circa 200,000 people;
  • deliver Home Quarantine COVID care kits (including essential rations, hygiene essentials, basic medications, thermometers) to over 3,300 vulnerable families.

Teams at Swasti worked tirelessly to fill critical emergency gaps during the second wave, expanding its health support and relief efforts to various state governments and marginalised and vulnerable communities.

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Last update: October 2021

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