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Trafigura Foundation donates USD 1 million to the International Rescue Committee (IRC)'s Covid-19 response

As part of our commitment to helping the most vulnerable communities face the disruptive consequences of COVID-19, we have donated USD 1 million to the IRC (IRC) for its COVID-19 response. Our donation will support the IRC’s operations in several countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

Leveraging its technical experience responding to infectious disease outbreaks (including Ebola) and with more than 85 years of expertise supporting people affected by conflict and disaster, the IRC has designed a robust approach to diminish the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic within vulnerable communities.

Our contribution is helping the IRC's efforts to:

  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment to allow the safe continuity of IRC's lifesaving programmes worldwide.
  • Adapt obstetric care to ensure safe deliveries for mothers and babies.
  • Translate COVID-19 guidance from global health officials into local languages for partners and communities.
  • Conduct information and community engagement sessions to demonstrate best practices in hygiene, handwashing, communicating symptoms, seeking medical attention, and self-isolating
  • Distribute officially approved information, education and communication materials to schools and communities.
  • Distribute health & hygiene kits for families at higher risk, and soap to schools and vulnerable households.
  • Disburse funds to eligible families in dire need of assistance.
  • Provide food and meals to local families in need.

Discover more about the IRC’s COVID-19 response here.

Photo: Esther Ruth Mbabazi

Date of publication: 10/05/2020

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