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Trafigura Foundation Celine Yvon Head of Programmes

Céline Yvon

Deputy Director
Trafigura Foundation Celine Yvon Head of Programmes

Céline has a 20-year track record across the full spectrum of social change, venture philanthropy and international cooperation. As the Deputy Director of the Trafigura Foundation, she oversees the global portfolio of partnerships geared towards improving the living conditions of vulnerable communities. Céline started her career at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs before joining the HD Centre, an organisation working discretely beyond the frontiers of traditional diplomacy.

Céline has extensive field experience including in Iraq, Libya, the Central African Republic, Mozambique and Tajikistan. In addition to working with the government and non-for-profit sector, Céline was also employed by a global management consultancy firm where she specialised in change management processes in multinational corporations.

Céline holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Graduate Institute in Geneva and a Certificate in Innovation & Sustainability from Harvard University.

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