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On Wednesday 19 September, the Trafigura Foundation commemorated its 10th anniversary with a cocktail reception on the Bateau Genève.

Swiss organizations with whom the Foundation has been working with and members from the Geneva Charity Committee were invited to celebrate a decade of philanthropy. The event was an opportunity for the Foundation to express its gratitude to all those – partners, peers and Trafigura employees – who have contributed to its mission.

Vincent Faber, Executive Director of the Trafigura Foundation said : "Celebrating 10 years is an important milestone for us. Not only for the many achievements and fruitful collaborations with experienced partners, but also because over the years we have been perceived as what we truly wanted to be: an independent and legitimate stakeholder in the philanthropic panorama, with a credible agenda of its own.

Our approach to philanthropy has always been aligned with our parent company's values of transparency, respect for cultural diversity and commitment to equality of opportunity – an ethos that is reflected also by the myriad of staff engagement activities organised by Charity Committees around the world. A special thanks goes therefore to those employees who generously give of their time and resources to serve the less privileged living at their doorstep."

Guests enjoyed food and service provided by young beneficiaries of the Croix-Rouge genevoise which gives training courses for some 20 NEET* youths. It was also symbolic to host the event on the Bateau Genève, a long-standing partner of the Foundation, a boat on Lake Geneva which provides shelter and social services to people in precarious situations. Both associations are also supported by the Geneva Charity Committee.

You can read more about the Foundation's philanthropic accomplishments in their 10th anniversary book which is available to download here.

*Neither in Education, Employment or Training

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