London, United Kingdom

The London Charity Committee is currently quite small following the departure of most of its previous members to Geneva. What sets them apart is that they organise the election of a ‘Charity of the Year’ among London office staff every year.


The Committee is made up of four people: Stuart Caie (Chair), Liz Marks (majoring in enthusiasm), Rebecca Griffiths (majoring in sourcing of goodies from suppliers), and Matthew Barnes (majoring in writing articles about the Committee).

Each year, the Committee asks the London office staff to vote for their preferred charity out of three or four that have been pre-approved by the Foundation. This voting system lends legitimacy to supported charities and gives employees a greater sense of ownership towards the projects. Employees in London have been known to participate in their selected charity’s activities with great enthusiasm.

After supporting Refuge, a women's shelter, in 2013, the London office elected the Rainbow Trust as its Charity of the Year in 2014 and 2015. Click here to witness the great work they with very ill children.

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London Charity Committee

From left to right: Matthew Barnes, Liz Marks, Stuart Caie.

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