Johannesburg, South Africa

The Rhino Orphanage

Trafigura, Puma Energy and Impala staff in South Africa joined forces to raise money for The Rhino Orphanage, an organisation dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of rhino calves orphaned by poaching. Local employees organised an auction to sell a car and the Puma Energy Foundation doubled the amount raised.

Seggie Kitsasamy, General Manager of Puma Energy South Africa and Shaun Ward, Regional Head of Trafigura Facilities handled a cheque of ZAR 76,000 (USD 5,400) to Arrie van Deventer, founder of The Rhino Orphanage. Thanks to the generosity of the local staff, baby rhinos will receive food and medication to brave this year’s cold winter. 


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The Rhino Orphanage

El Shammah Home for abandoned babies

The Johannesburg Charity Committee has elected “El Shammah” home for abandoned babies as its 2017 Charity of the Year. The Charity of the Year is an initiative with the purpose of engaging employees in the organisation of activities to fundraise and dedicate time to their favourite charity. Year after year, the Johannesburg office honours the commitment implied by the initiative and organises brilliant fundraising events for the annually selected charity. In 2017, local employees organised several fundraising events (such as a Family Fun Day and a bake sale) to support El Shammah. A play session with the babies and toys and clothes donations were also organised to give the opportunity to the local staff to directly interact with the charity. The initiative entails also a grant provided by the Foundation, which will help El Shammah complete building works and renovate the home for the babies.

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Other fundraising activities



In 2016, the Johannesburg Charity Committee nominated the Little Rose Centre as its Charity of the Year. Located in Kliptown, one of the poorest areas in Soweto (Johannesburg), the Little Rose Centre is a shelter and a youth Centre where 140 children are accommodated and receive day-care services, kindergarten classes, after school programs, computer classes, dance workshops and nutritious meals.

The generous and resourceful committee decided to help the centre by financing a project meant to substitute the precarious and dangerous structures in which the Centre’s activities used to take place. The Johannesburg’s staff proposed to turn containers into classrooms and living spaces. Inaugurated in 2016, the new Little Rose’s structures have been welcomed by the joy and gratefulness of kids and volunteers of the Centre, as you can see from the video below.

Opening of the Little Rose Centre’s new building, elected “Charity of the Year”

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Part of a Charity Committee? Take a tip from Johannesburg…


"We’re aware that everyone’s working hard and there’s never time to think about things like volunteering. We decide your activities at the start of the year and stick to them. We scheduled a bake sale in February, followed by a quiz night and just went for it. We had a roadmap of activities for the year and allocated funds as we went. It took an hour at the start of the year but saved so much time later."


"Don’t hound people: little things like a charity bin enable people to do their bit, even if they can’t join in the bigger activities."
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