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Getting involved

Many are the Geneva-based organisations that are benefitting from the creativity of the Geneva Charity Committee (GCC): in this page you can discover some of the most inspiring staff-led initiatives and charitable activities organised by local employees.

Geneva Airport Run

On November 3rd 2019, our colleagues from the Geneva office participated in the Geneva Airport Run, a traditional event in the Swiss calendar that attracts runners of all levels. For the GCC, this is a wonderful opportunity to organise staff engagement activities and run a fundraising campaign for charity. In the 2019 edition, the GCC was able to collect over CHF 16,000 that will be donated to support the local office’s philanthropic activities.


Handisport Genève is a Swiss-based charity that promotes access to sports for people living with disabilities. Sports have the power to spark inclusion and bring together people beyond diversities. This has been proved by the many activities organised by the GCC where employees from the Geneva office spent time with Handisport’s beneficiaries in many memorable events. Have a look at the below initiatives organised by the GCC.

Polysport Day

In September 2019, volunteers from our Geneva office assisted HandiSport  during their "Polysport Day".  The day involved 120+ children and adults with disabilities enjoying a wide array of sporting activities. 

Trafigura staff helped to accommodate various indoor sports including tennis, judo, basketball, parkour, as well as outdoor activities like rock climbing, pétanque and frisbee. In the afternoon, attention turned to wheelchair ping pong, badminton and basketball. 

Participants, and HandiSport's staff alike, were hugely grateful to see Trafigura volunteers so actively engaged in the organisation of the event!

Halliwick Concept Swimming Competition

In June 2019, Trafigura volunteers helped out at HandiSport's annual Halliwick Concept swimming competition. The Halliwick Concept is an approach to teaching people to participate in water activities. It is a particularly effective method to help people with physical and/or learning disabilities start water sports. It is based on the belief in the physical, personal, recreational, social and therapeutic benefits that can be derived from activities in water.

Trafigura staff helped to prepare the venue, timed the races and distributed sandwiches and drinks at lunchtime. Snacks, drinks, t-shirts for all the volunteers and prizes for the swimmers were kindly provided by the Geneva Charity Committee.

Geneva harmony Marathon  2019

On the weekend of 11th and 12th May, about 100 “Traflets” ran the Geneva Harmony Marathon, an annual sport event with different races for adults and kids. Team Trafigura’s performance was exceptional, not only for the running efforts but also for the fundraising result: the team collected over CHF 66,000, an amount that will be doubled by the Trafigura Foundation and dedicated to fund the Charity Committee’s initiatives. One of them is to support Handisport Genève, an organisation promoting sports among people living with disabilities.

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Geneva Staff after the 2019 Geneva Harmony Marathon

Water activities with Handisport, June 2018, Geneva


Built in 1896, Bateau Genève is a ship used as a community centre for people in need. Every morning, 150 free breakfasts are served to refugees, homeless people, the long-term unemployed and people struggling with substance abuse.

The GCC often hosts events on the boat and supports the charitable activities promoted by the Association. For instance, in 2019 the GCC provided art supplies to the beneficiaries of Bateau Genève. This gift will offer a great opportunity to organise a variety of creative and therapeutic activities in the supportive setting of the boat.



Croix-Rouge genevoise, the Geneva chapter of the Red Cross Federation, provides community aid to people in need in the Swiss city. The GCC has put its weight behind many fundraising initiatives to support the charity’s activities, with a special focus on helping disadvantaged children and young adults.

Collection of clothes and toys

The GCC organises regular campaigns over the year to encourage employees to donate clothes, toys, books and school essentials for underprivileged children and families supported by the Croix-Rouge. The impact of this simple but smart action is enormous. During the last collection campaign in November 2019, the Geneva office collected and donated 106 bags of clothes and 50 bags of stationery to the Croix-Rouge, contributing to give a second life to these goods and benefitting local communities in need.

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Croix-Rouge catering service on the occasion of the Trafigura Foundation's 10th anniversary party

Annual fundraising activities