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From Mumbai to Houston via Shanghai and London, our Charity Committees are the key link between Trafigura and the people who live and work in the countries where the company is active. The Trafigura Foundation encourages charitable initiatives led by the Committees, as our employees are the best ambassadors to diffuse philanthropy as a corporate value and practice.

The Trafigura Foundation dedicates time and resources to support the projects selected by Charity Committees. We encourage them to select their “Charities of the Year”, organisations that local employees want to volunteer with along the year. The Foundation donates a dedicated grant to the selected charities to back their operations and foster interaction with our staff. Moreover, through our “Matching Funds” Scheme we double the amount fundraised by employees for a chosen charity or cause.

Charity Committees meet regularly to organise and participate in fundraising activities for philanthropic organisations of their choice. By being close to where the action is, employees can take part through in-kind contributions, skill-based volunteering, field visits, or raising awareness about issues and needs of local communities.

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