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Boosting staff engagement for philanthropy

From Mumbai to Houston via Shanghai and London, Charity Committees are groups of volunteers that organise charitable activities within their offices. They are the true ambassadors of a corporate spirit of philanthropy, which they transform in concrete projects developed in collaboration with local charities. By being close to where the action is, employees can take part through in-kind contributions, skill-based volunteering, field visits, or raising awareness about issues and needs of local communities. 

The Trafigura Foundation proudly supports the projects proposed by the Trafigura Group employees. We encourage our corporate colleagues to introduce us to organisations they are inspired by and support their missions through fundraising, volunteering and participation in their activities. 

To maximise the impact of their generosity and facilitate staff engagement activities, we promote two special initiatives:

  • The Charity of the Year: Charity Committees can vote for a local charity they would like to support along the year. The Foundation donates a 12-month grant to the selected charity, while the Charity Committee makes sure volunteering and fundraising activities involving its office take place effectively throughout the year.
  • The Matching Funds scheme: the Foundation adds USD 1 for each dollar raised or generated by the direct initiative of a Charity Committee, an office or an employee, and which has been given a specific charitable destination validated by the Foundation. 

In times of crisis, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, Charity Committees are invaluable allies to identify local charities working in the field and which are in direct contact with vulnerable communities. The promotion of staff engagement in philanthropy helps us leverage the diversity of talents, expertise, and geographical knowledge of the Group’s employees, which are valuable assets for the non-profit sector and precious contributions for the achievement of the Foundation's philanthropic mission. 

Have a look at the key figures below to appreciate the impact and generosity of the Trafigura Group staff.

Active Charity Committees, our employees' volunteering groups
Disbursed by the Foundation in 2022 to support charitable projects selected by staff
Collected by staff to support communities affected by the war in Ukraine
Image of colleagues