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Our Foundation

Established in 2007, The Trafigura Foundation invest in catalytic solutions that address climate adaptation, the socioeconomic needs of vulnerable communities, and their connection with global supply chains.  

We invest for impact by financing multi-year initiatives maximising their potential for success. We accompany our partners throughout the ideation, development, and implementation of those initiatives. We measure success and impact expecting more than outputs, trainings, and activities. We favour collective action and collaboration in international development.  Our investments support participatory approaches that give communities ownership in the development and implementation of solutions with the potential to scale up globally. 

We focus on Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.

Check the boxes below to discover our fields of action: Sustainable Livelihoods, Thriving Nature, and Prepared Communities.

Our mission

To invest in catalytic solutions for resilient communities and ecosystems. 

Our vision

A world where individuals thrive and communities prosper in harmony with the planet.

Our principles

  • Driving impact through catalytic solutions 
  • Leveraging long-term investment through partnerships 
  • Empowering resilient communities 
  • Championing ecosystem-based adaptation 
  • Collaborating for scale and effectiveness 
  • Supporting community-centred insight and action 

How we work

We contribute to building resilient communities and ecosystems across global supply chains.

We do this by rigorously selecting our partners, by co-creating all initiatives with them, and by providing catalytic funding to organisations and coalitions that drive innovation and systemic change.

These principles and our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals are reflected in our theory of change.

Our Areas of Work


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